HandCrafted Art from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

The Crystal Forest is a family owned and operated business.

More About What I Do And How I Make Gem Trees

precious gemstones tree displayI start with a spool of wire, several hand tools and work by hand over several hours to create each individual tree. Each one is unique and made with lots of love and craftsmanship.

They make great gifts and centerpieces. If you don’t see the gem tree you want then contact me and one can be made to your liking. You can choose the base, wire and gemstones. In some cases extra branches can be added.

I first started making gem trees just for gifts and enjoyed making them. With encouragement from friends and family who own my little treasures, I started selling them. My first tree I sold was June of 1996. From there we did craft shows then later opened this web shop.

The Crystal Forest has grown a lot sense I started this hobby 15 years ago. Now you will find we have expanded to include not only gem trees but also gem tree supplies.

These gem trees are all handmade by me with quality material and craftsmanship.

*They are not machine made or mass produced.
*All the gem trees on my website are made with care and pride.
*Each one is unique and no two are ever alike..

More Details About Our Products

crystal tree sampleThe Gem trees come in four different sizes: Extra small, small,
medium and large.

They are made from a high quality, non-tarnish 24 gauge jewelers wire. The 24 gauge wire is wire-wrapped and shaped into a Bonsai style Gem tree.

Natural gemstones are then attached to the Gem tree. I have a wide variety of gemstones in stock for you to choose from such as Amethyst, Sodalite, Adventurine and Quartz crystal just to name a few.

The tree is then carefully mounted with a special clear epoxy onto a matching Rock mineral or crystal base. All gemstones and bases that I use are not altered in anyway, meaning that they are not chemically dyed.

Customization Is Available

You can pick out the gemstones and wire color from below and I can custom make your very own gem tree. Please specify what size gem tree and type of gem stone you would like or you can tell me what you are looking for and I can see what I have in stock.

Prices range from $9.95 to $159.95 depending on what size tree or what base is used.

Tree sizes


Extra small–3 1/2 inches high with 27 Gem stones

Small———7 inches high with a branch span of 5 inches with 39 Gem stones

Medium——9 in height with a branch span of 8″ with 90 Gem Stones

Large ——–12” in height with a branch span of 10” with 120 Gem Stones